View Full Version : Greylock 10/11/12

Jay H
12-12-2011, 06:27 AM
A late afternoon hike from Thiel Road.

Route: Thiel road, up the Bellow's Pipe Trail down via the Thunderbolt ski trail.
Distance: About 6ish miles..
Time: 3pm start and up to the sunset for a gorgeous sunset of fiery orange/red over the catskills... Down via headlamp and moonlight which was full or almost full..

Absolutely stunning views, weren't clear like a winter's day and it was a bit breezy at the summit but the timing was great and we had a fun time. Snow is about 4-6" at the summit and the packed trail is semi icy but we didn't need snowshoes though I carried mine. We carried microspikes but didn't use them. The snow is not deep enough so we simply plunge stepped down via the snow. The trail though is somewhat hardpack and semi icy.

The road to Thiel gets worse every year it seems, go nice and slow and the usual huge puddle just before the end.