View Full Version : from Evergreen Valley-Blueberry and Speckled again

02-21-2012, 06:58 PM
Shell Pond Road -groomed nicely into a soft powder in the center by snowmobiles, hard crust on the sides, took the Shell Pond Tr. to the Stone House Trail -both well trodden. Once across the wooden bridge near near the picnic area, above the air strip -there were ATV tracks all the way to the new house being built at the end of the air strip. The road down the strip was muddy but not boot sucking since the ground is still frozen. Once the Stone House tr turned right off the air strip -up hill to Blueberry Mtn the trail was once again mostly snow covered, well packed out, including the side trails to both the gorge and pool, some icy patches and the water bars are open. Once on top of Blueberry Mtn, decided to head over on the Blueberry Ridge trail to Bickford Brook Tr and on to Speckled Mtn -for the 3rd time in 4 days. The trail was packed with a few very short icy sections but most of it is a soft powdery snow/crust mix. Once on Speckled, I headed Northeast a short way -definately broken out up from Cold River Tr but I wasn't sure how far???? I planned on hiking up from there but there was no place to safely park near the Enid Rose Trail head, so hiked out and back same trails -approx. 16 miles r/t....according to Garmin.

Gear: gaiters and goretex trail runners w/IceSpike Screws.