View Full Version : Q-M Trail, King Street bridge to Thousand Acre Brook, 04/21/2012

04-21-2012, 02:49 PM
From the King Street bridge, a trail blazed in blue tape parallels the south bank of the Millers river. This is, presumably, the Q-M. It passes through what might be an old factory foundation, then is mainly a foot trail through open woods. It passes under a railroad trestle and continues in the woods. It intersects with a couple of old forest roads. We also saw some pink tape blazes. Eventually, not sure where, the blue tape gave way to the yellow Q's typical of the northern end of the Q-M. The trail continued along to intersect with the Thousand Acre Brook Trail in the Bearsden Conservation area. This intersection was just south of the northern bridge that the TAB uses to cross the brook. It was easy to follow throughout. Some parts look newer than others.