View Full Version : Tully trail & bike path loop 05/11/2012

05-11-2012, 02:08 PM
From the downhill Doanes Falls parking area, Tully Trail north to the bike path, loop via bike path on the west side of Long Pond. Many more wild flowers are blooming since Saturday. Well blazed and easily followable throughout. In the power line cut I saw several clumps of bleeding hearts. Lots of small birds about including a northern oriole and the rufous sided towhee again. We also saw wood ducks.

At the northern end of this loop there is a bog bridge thoughtfully placed well to the side of the trail, which is more of a road. It would have been very nice to see this in the boggy area just beyond. This area is getting high water, thanks to the rain and beavers. You'll get wet feet unless you're wearing boots. The bridges and puncheons are in excellent shape, especially along the bike path portions.

I am sorry to see that the power cut switchbacks along the Tully are not being maintained. Instead, people are mostly going straight up along the east side. The erosion along this way has been getting worse and was a streambed in places today. Parts of the sandy footbed are loose when wet, and don't feel very secure underfoot. Unless the switchbacks are brought back, I think this damage will only worsen. It's a shame, given that the switchbacks are still visible under shrubby growth.

Boo found a turkey wing that he happily carried for a few miles, chewing whenever he had the chance. This was enough to ignore the deer bones along the power cut.