View Full Version : Zealand, AZ Trail and some other stuff

05-26-2012, 09:30 PM
Parked on Friday morning at Zealand Trailhead, started raining 15 minutes in and did not stop until after Mt Tom. It was allgood though. I stayed dry and comfortable. Bugs were really bad. Stayed at Ethan Pond. Interesting coming down off of Mt Willey in the rain. Scary stuff. Woke up really early and got movin before 6 am. I was on top of Guyot by noon. I had to water up at Guyot so the extra up and down was awesome. I FINALLY bagged North Twin. I have been on South 3 times in the past year with the intention of going over but circumstances not allowing it. What a great mountain. Huge crowds. Anyway, I walked down to the road and hitched a ride within 10 minutes of turning off of Haystack. Long day, Tuckerman Pale Ale is in hand. Whew!

Got to meet meet NH Tramper as I went over South Twin this afternoon.