View Full Version : Hut to Hut Traverse (various trails from Carter Notch to Lonesome Lake)

06-19-2012, 10:24 AM
Date of Hike: Saturday, June 16th

Trails: Nineteen Mile Brook, Great Gulf, Osgood, Parapet, Gulfside, Westside, Crawford Path, Webster-Cliff, Mizpah Cutoff, Avalon, A-Z, Zealand, Twinway, Garfield Ridge, Greenleaf, Old Bridle Path, Lonesome Lake.

Trail Conditions:
-Nineteen Mile Brook: the trail is a little eroded near the beginning but is generally in good shape, better the higher you go, all water crossings are bridged with boards but not the sturdiest of crossings.
- Great Gulf Trail is in excellent shape for the 1.8 miles to the Osgood Trail.
- Osgood Trail is in good shape, no blowdowns well marked above treeline, easy to follow in the dark.
- Parapet: Is a rough trail, a little narrow in the scrub parts with some slippery boulders, just take your time, the trail is marked by cairns, easily spotted in the day a little difficult at night, would be very hard to follow in low visibility.
- Gulfside / Westside: are both in great shape and easy to follow.
- Crawford Path: 99% in great shape, rotted bog bridges and some mud between Eisenhower and Pierce, one of the bridges when stepped on fly's up like a see-saw.
- Webster Cliff: the drop down to the hut has some eroded sections aided by planks and ladder steps and there are lots of exposed roots.
- Mizpah Cutoff: great shape.
- Avalon Trail: good shape, water crossings would be tricky when high but are all rock hop-able right now.
- A-Z Trail: fine to the Tom-Field col, then lightly used with muddy and some narrow sections heading down to Zealand Notch, the trail has rotted bog bridges which will be replaced soon, yay!
- Zealand / Twinway: In great shape, easy to follow!
- Garfield Ridge: very dry right now, the steep part up to the summit of Mount Garfield has very little water, the water source is still good though above this part at the campsite spur.
- Greenleaf, Old Bridle Path: great shape, last couple of hundred feet on the old bridle path is severely eroded.
- Lonesome Lake Trail: in great shape, the trail around the pond is muddy but there are bog bridges to keep your feet dry.

Comments: Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a 24 hour Hut to Hut Traverse, awesome feeling ascending Osgood Ridge at 2:30 a.m. :) Trip Report (http://dailey7779.blogspot.com/2012/06/24-hour-hut-to-hut-traverse.html) / Pictures (http://whitemountainimages.blogspot.com/2012/06/hut-to-hut-traverse-june-16th-2012.html)

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