View Full Version : Pequot Trail

John Satterlee
06-26-2012, 03:22 PM
Date of Hike: 6/25/12

Trail Conditions: Trails overgrown,wet in places, manageable blow downs, blue blazes difficult to follow and absent in places making following the true trail difficult. Even so blazes present just have to find them even if it is a distance off the trail.

Special Equipment Required: Boots if wet, spray for bugs, sticks for muddy/rocky/rooty sections. Map or GPS. Hunting precautions in season.

Comments: I lost the blazes in Preston park, and on road crossings, at places the trail becomes overgrown and blue blazed trail intersects with many other trails and cart paths make for adventuresome travel. Nice woods though, old farmlands always nice. There are blazes there-some seem old and you just have to pay attention. Would love to see the trail go all the way to Lantern Hill again.