View Full Version : Evans Notch redlining advice

11-05-2012, 09:15 AM
Hello all - looking over my spreadsheet, I have a ton of trails left to do in the Speckled Mtn area.

Besides the Blueberry Ledge/Bickford Loop to Speckled Mountain I need to ALL the trails east of 113. Several of them end on remote dirt roads or have inconvenient spur trails in the middle.

Anyone have any advice on ways to string some of them together with perhaps a spotted bicycle? I typically do an overnight backpack and like to do around 15-20 miles a day.

Lefty E
11-07-2012, 05:30 AM
Maineman, I'm sure you are aware that Rt. 113 shuts down in winter at least in the parts where a lot of the trailheads are, and also the FS roads..At the jct of Great Brook Trail and Miles Notch Trail, which you can drive to, there is a nice camping spot..you could maybe base there and figure out a way to get over Speckled and then to Haystack Notch to Miles Notch trail...I got lucky and had a lot of car spot hikes, but also had to do a few out and backs...also approached that area via Rt. 5 instead of 113 and the FS roads...good luck and hopefully someone else will chime in with some more ideas for you!! Lefty E

Becca M
11-07-2012, 06:13 PM
As long as 113 is open, you can string some big loops thru that area. Otherwise, your options are more limited. I'm redlining that area too but only in day hikes/skiing. My approach is to do as big a loop as I can, then fill in with the shorter trails... still, it takes a few days because there's a lot in there!!!!

You can search http://www.newenglandtrailconditions.com/ for some of the remote trail reports and see what loops others have done!!!