View Full Version : Grills Preserve/Grills Sacntuary Bridge

John Satterlee
03-17-2013, 11:16 AM
A new foot bridge over the Pawcatuck River will connect the Grills Preserve on the Westerly side to the recently opened to the public Hopkinton land trust property in Hopkinton. After a winter of inactivity, progress on this bridge has been made in the past week. In the fall, old stone abutments were built up on both sides and this past week concrete supports have been poured and there even a makeshift-and to me risky temporary footbridge for workers.
Once this bridge is complete, it will connect the 700 acre Westerly land to the 500 acre Hopkinton (don't quote me on numbers). The approach on the Westerly side is on Westerly Land Trust trails on marked double track trails (Blue) (muddy parts recently torn up construction trucks) and I have yet to find the Hopkinton side using newly marked trails.