View Full Version : Nipmuck Trail SB from Busse Road to Marsh Road, Ashford

Half Knot
03-31-2013, 06:04 PM
Date of Hike: 3/31/2013

Trail Conditions: A mix of bare ground with some spotty areas of soft ground, mud and standing water from melt off. Some areas of small brush across trail from storm damage, but mostly clear of obstructions. Larger trees downed by storms have been cut and cleared from the path. A few cairns set up to ensure path is easily seen in less dense areas.

Special Equipment Required: None.

Comments: A nice quiet Easter afternoon hike through hardwood forest with small creeks and streams starting to show signs of Spring life. Combined with a roadside walk along Marsh Road, Cowles Road and Busse Road to make an easy 2.5 mile loop, perfect for an after dinner walk to burn off a heavier midday meal. Had the entire trail to ourselves. Wildlife was elsewhere during the mid afternoon warmth, but there was plenty to see between a large tree toppled from storm damage about midway along the trail segment as well as small groupings of Princess Pine and other small plants. The forest sheltered the brisk wind picking up from the East and made for the perfect afternoon escape.