View Full Version : Mt Cabot under Rain 5/11/13

05-11-2013, 11:05 PM
Date of Hike: May 11, 2013

York Pond Tr, Bunnell Notch Tr, Kilkenny Ridge Tr, Mt Cabot Tr

Back Story : A few friends and I were planning to hike Isolation today. We made our plans three weeks ago. However, due to rain we all backed out. So, Saturday morning I got up, did some chores around the house, took kids to the library. When I came back home, weather looked somewhat better than what they said. I grabbed my stuff quickly and and lovely hiking partner Xena ( my dog ), and we headed for Cabot. Stupid thing is that I didn`t check on Cabot at all before I left home. So I arrive there, there is a gate and it says it will close at 4:30 pm. On top of that there is a car parked outside the gate. I am thinking there is no way I will be back in time since it is already 2 pm. Needless to say, I left my car right before the gate. I don`t even know how much of a walk it is from gate to York Pond Tr trailhead. I did walk for an easy 1 mile, then texted a friend and asked. She said they don`t lock the gate. Of course, I am mad and everything and I turned around to my car. On the way to the car, Xena plays hide and seek with me around the hatchery for half an hour. By the time I got her into the car, I decided not to hike today. So I drove back to Gorham, grabbed a coffee. Must be hormones, I decided to go back ( might be my stubborn spirit too ). I am glad I did. So, I started at 4 pm at this point.

Trail Conditions: Trails were all wet and muddy due to snow melting and today`s rain. There were several blowdowns, all manageable but one you have to go around. Rocks were very slippery as well. Once you get to Cabot Trail Unmaintained section, there is more and more ice. They were all easy, but you had to watch where you are going more carefully if you had no microspikes. First and only big water crossing was high. Even though it was probably rock hoppable, Xena and I used two blowdown trees right on the left to the trail. Cabin on the summit was empty. At the beginning, I saw a father and a daughter who stayed in Unknown Pond shelter the day before. Other than them ? just us crazies up there all day.

Special Equipment Used: You will need a good, very good pair of serious waterproof shoes. Hiking poles were very helpful, especially coming down over the rocks. No need for anything else.

Comments: I was with my beautiful Xena ( my one year old Black Lab ). This was my 42nd 4000 footer. Getting real close.

Book Time: 6 Hours
Our Time : 4.5 hours ( includes 15 minutes break in the cabin and all of photography)

Baha and Xena