View Full Version : good camera store between Boston MA & Concord NH?

01-27-2005, 04:58 PM
Anyone know a good camera store between Boston & Concord NH?
I'd like to try out some tripods / bags & want to find a place which has a decent selection and good enough prices that I could buy something there.

I'd hate to walk into a mom&pop store, try out something, then go buy it online instead for less $$$ -- legal but not fair to the mom&pop stores.

Sherpa John
01-27-2005, 05:09 PM

If you take 93 North to Londonderry Exit 4... right at the end of the off ramp. Ritz Camera is down on your left. GREAT STORE! The best at better prices! :D

01-27-2005, 05:19 PM
Hunt Drug in Malden, walking (for folks like us) distance from the Oak Grove Subway T Stop. Good selection, good prices.

01-27-2005, 07:00 PM
I second the Ritz Camera in Derry. They have some great salespeople in there.

01-27-2005, 08:09 PM
BTW, Hunts Photo & Video has a web site (http://huntsphotoandvideo.com/). They won't be the cheapest, but they'll have a fantastic selection.

And even better is the Cambridge location of Calumet Photo (http://www.calumetphoto.com/).

01-28-2005, 06:22 AM
I'll have to try the Ritz in Derry, the mall locations and the one in west Manchester, NH are disappointing. I second Hunts -- the selection there is much more comprehensive than just about any Ritz location. Calumet in East Cambridge, MA and SBI in Harvard Square are good, too. Both are geared toward pros but have been patient with me.

01-28-2005, 07:38 AM
Right on Main St in Concord is a great store - Concord Camera. I have used them several times in the past and they are great. Just get off on Exit 13 on 93 in Concord and take Route 3 North. This turns into Main St. Concord Camera is on the left. Also, Concord has a really great main street area. Anyway, here is the link:



01-28-2005, 12:15 PM
spiffy, thanks for the suggestions -- I'll try Concord Camera first since it's closest, then head down to Boston one of these days... the people at Ritz have always been helpful, but I still feel like I'm being "mainstreamed" whenever I go into those stores.

any advice on learning about / looking for tripods & which ones might work well for hiking purposes? I don't mind spending money, just that I seem to learn by trial and error no matter how much research I do, so I have to treat the one I get as somewhat disposable. My thought would be to get something "a la carte" e.g. separate head / body, so that the chances are better that at least one of them would work well. I was also figuring on something smaller rather than larger; my interest is in botanical photography & not so much in landscape photos where it would be necessary to get the camera up off the ground. (I have a cheapie "micro-tripod" which has proved useful sometimes but it's no longer adequate.)

The monopod approach (my hiking stick already supports this) would help in many situations, if I had a swivel head I could attach between monopod & my camera, and if I could find some sort of gizmo which snaps onto the monopod shaft to help make it into an asymmetrical tripod...

I'm asking here rather than the digital camera forums because I think the quality of posting here is better (& I'm more likely to find hikers who are into photography than photographers who are into hiking).