View Full Version : Mt. Jefferson Motel open under new management

Lefty E
10-18-2013, 12:54 PM
Just wanted to give a heads up on a new "old" motel....now open under new management is the Mount Jefferson View Motel & Cabins, located on Rt. 2 in Randolph, right at the intersection with Valley Road. Website is www.mountjeffersonview.com 14 motel rooms and 7 cabins..the cabins won't be open this winter (ROOMS ARE) but the owners plan to winterize them so they will be open year round in 2014-15 winter season...microwaves and mini fridges and coffee makers in most rooms and will be in all soon...great location as Jefferson Notch Rd (Caps Ridge, Boundary Line), Cherry Mt trailheads, Starr King trailhead, Bowman (Caste Ravine etc), Appalachia, Randolph East, Pinkham B road to Rt. 16 trailheads, and Randolph trailheads on Durand Road and Mt. Crescent Hill Road are within minutes of the motel....owner stated they will be having hiker shuttle service also...

10-18-2013, 01:11 PM
I read an article about the new owners awhile back, they seem to be focused on doing what needs to be done to make the business successful. Its a nice location but I expect many folks drive right by it. At least for now the Coos ATV system does not go into Randolph so it may be partial refuge who want to avoid ATVs (but they used to get snow machine traffic from the nearby rail trail and other snow machine trails in winter). If they work out a shuttle it would be great for presi traverse support.

11-07-2013, 07:41 AM
Stayed there a few years ago when it was the Jeff-Notch. The place does have a great location to the trails and beautiful scenery all around. My only complaint was the cabin (though nice and clean) was a bit too small as the previous owners tried to cram a bit too much furniture into it.

Good business move by the new owners to have hiker shuttle service. I'll most likely stay there again.