View Full Version : Snowmobile bridge near Skookumchuck Trail

Mohamed Ellozy
11-10-2014, 07:25 AM
At 0.6 miles the Skookumchuck Trail crosses a small brook (Jordan Brook, I believe) that can be intimidating during snow melt (I once turned around in the spring, unable to find a suitable crossing). A friend told me that she had seen (and used) a bridge near the trail last spring. A bridge means an old logging road or snowmobile trail, so yesterday I went to explore it.

Sure enough, there is a bridge about 100 feet upstream from the trail:


with a fairly recently abandoned road leading to it:


I explored the (very wet) road a bit, and when I got home and looked at my old GPS tracks found that I had explored it in 2006. Not terribly interesting; it starts at the Heritage Trail just east of its junction with the bike path, rises to cross the Skookumchuck Trail, parallels it for a few hundred yards, then recrosses it and descends to the bike path just east of Skookumchuck Brook.

hiking lady
11-12-2014, 05:41 AM
Hmmm interesting. We saw that bridge when we hiked up there in September and wondered if it was an abandoned snowmobile trail.