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03-05-2005, 09:22 PM
Hi All - Plan on doing Rocky/Lone end of this month. How's the bushwack? Any rec's on where to start, most interesting route, etc...? Was thinking of heading up towards Wittenburg from Woodland Valley and then Bushwacking off Cornell. Of course i'd be going over Balsam and Friday as well. Or is the route from Denning "better?" Thing is, I might be hiking in from Pheonicia so I'd be heading into Woodland Valley.

Thought? Opinions? Thanks.

Mark Schaefer
03-06-2005, 12:44 AM
The normal and easier approach to Rocky and Lone is from Denning using parts of the fisherman's path along the east branch of the Neversink. That is a very scenic route and the routes up the northwestern sides of Rocky and Lone are not overly steep or difficult. There is a lot of dense scrub and blowdown along parts of the ridge between Rocky and Lone. I often found that dropping down the northwest side of ridge avoided some of the thickest growth. Others on the VFTT boards can probably give more recent data.

The going between Table and Lone is generally fairly easy so you could add Table and use part of the Long Path in the route. Although that might compel you to use the infamous log bridge over the Neversink. Easier crossings of the Neversink during high water are upstream from log bridge. So using the Long Path might not be all that advantageous if the water is running high.

Coming from the Woodland Valley would be a very long way in. Depending on the potential hazard of spruce/fir traps and on snow depths this route might make a long 2 (perhaps 3 day) hike. The going from Cornell over the 3655' false summit known derisively as Dink to Friday and Balsam Cap has some of the thickest growth in the Catskills. I did it once in late April and was constantly falling into traps up to my waist. If the snow is deep and still stable you might be able to walk over some of the dense growth.

Jay H
03-06-2005, 09:27 AM
...and the climb to Wittenberg is deceptively long and a fairly arduous climb in winter. When you get to the summit view, you might just want to hang out and enjoy the view!

The fisherman's path is very nice path in winter. It is in fact informally blazed red in some spots... You will still need to find a way across the Neversink/Deer Shanty just as if you did Lone from Table, unless you come in from Peekamoose Road over Peekamoose and then Table. From Denning, the fisherman's path official starts shortly after you cross the infamous log.

When my friend and I did Lone/Rocky from Denning, we both simply walked across the path but then we're both a little loony and I know I have a pretty good sense of balance.


03-06-2005, 06:39 PM
A large group just did the Neversink route as a 3500 Club hike last Sunday.
Mark's first paragraph, and Jay's second sum up this route nicely. It's sort of a long approach, but the beauty of the Neversink Valley makes the time pass. We were able to rock-hop a little ways past the log crossing with no wet feet. I don't know how this route is with the latest snow.


John Graham
03-07-2005, 06:23 AM
There are a couple of other approaches you could consider, especially if you are doing these peaks later on in snow melt and wish to avoid stream crossings. One is to climb to the col of Balsam Cap and Friday, and then bushwack down towards the Neversink a few hundered meters to get out of the Spruce. There is a ridge that you will see straight in front of you going up Rocky that provides one of the easiest routes. Another route I have used is to park on Peekamoose Rd (RT 42) at the height of land near Breath Hill, and follow an old wood road up to the ridge top. Once on top, leave the woodroad and follow the ridge line up toward Balsam Cap, traversing over to the Balsam Cap-Rocky col at about 3300 feet. This route normally has a lot of loose rock under foot, but can be quite easy in good snow pack. It also has the advantage of offering fine views off the ridge. If you do this route, you may be tempted to drop down into the headwaters of the Roundout Creek on your way back towards Breath Hill, you need to know that this side has a lot of steep ledges. It was these ledges that gave Rocky it's name. Also, down in these headwaters, which are very wild and pretty, you will encounter numerous stream crossings.

03-07-2005, 06:33 PM
You guys are awsome! Thanks for the advice. I'll heed it wisely and let you know how the trip was. It'll be my #34 and #35!
Talk to y'all soon.

Jay H
03-08-2005, 09:08 AM
Congrats (A bit early). I did Lone/Rocky on Dec26th, 2004 for #32/#33 for me.


03-08-2005, 12:57 PM
Indian Chris,
I have Rocky Balsam Cap and Friday to do also.
did you confirm a day to hike.
I was planning on doing them Saturday 19th.
But could be persuaded to hike them thjis weekend.
I was going solo but sharing the trail breaking might be best

03-09-2005, 10:54 PM
Good for you Jay! Thanks!
Will mostly hike them on 3/25 and stay overnight somewhere in a leanto (Denning or the one near Wittenberg). It should all tie together nicely - I'll hit the 35th peak on my 35th B-day. Don't forget the wine!
Anyone is welcome to join in. Haven't exactly worked out the details yet but if you're interested, PM me. Right now the date is a definate and plan on hiking SW Hunter on the 24th (likley just a day hike).