View Full Version : Lincoln Gap Road/VT remains closed as of 4/12/15

04-13-2015, 04:39 AM
Was surprised given recent warmup that Lincoln Gap Road in Warren Vt - with a Long Trail access point to Mts Ellen and Abraham - remained closed as of yesterday 4/12/15. Road was pretty muddy as far as we went.
Passing this along in case anyone else is doing those peaks.

04-13-2015, 12:53 PM
I'm not surprised. You live in MA? It only started warming up here in central Vermont this past weekend, and we are now in full blown mud season. It snowed last week, ground was frozen solid, looked like the beginning of March. Spring has arrived as of yesterday.

04-13-2015, 02:46 PM
I agree with the prior poster, its a long time before seasonal roads open up in northern NH and VT. The longest wait is for the road that are used for snowmachines, the grooming packs them down into a block of ice that takes a long time to melt. BSPs perimeter road is usually the limiting factor before the park can open up as its main snowmachine route.

04-13-2015, 03:42 PM
There's still 86 inches of snow near the top of Mount Mansfield: