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07-18-2015, 09:35 AM
Some recent info from the GMC

***Important notice to hikers planning to hike Camel's Hump***

There is bear activity in the Camel's Hump area. A bear has rummaged through campsites, destroyed tents, and is growing increasingly brazen.

Camping near the Monroe Trail and Dean Trail is prohibited at this time. This means Hump Brook Tenting area is closed and tent camping at Montclair Glen Lodge is not allowed.

Montclair Glen Lodge remains open with GMC caretaker staff but please note that if the shelter is full, options are limited. The next shelter north is Bamforth Ridge Shelter, approximately 5 miles from Montclair Glen Lodge and includes hiking over the summit of the Hump. The next shelter south, Cowles Cove, is approximately 5 miles from Montclair Glen Lodge.

Please stay alert, plan ahead, and observe the guidelines below to keep your party safe while hiking in bear country:
Pack out all garbage and food scraps
Do not feed bears
Do not approach bears
If you encounter a bear, do not corner it. Make noise to scare the bear away. Back away slowly.

The bear activity is being monitored. We appreciate your patience and will provide an update once it is deemed safe to camp in this area again.

08-03-2015, 03:55 PM
Monday, August 3
***Camel's Hump Bear Update***
Montclair Glen Lodge is now closed.

A bear broke into the shelter on Sunday afternoon. The shelter will be closed until repairs can be made and bear-safe food storage installed at the site.

Tenting at or around Montclair Glen Lodge (south of the Camel's Hump summit) and at Hump Brook Tenting (Monroe Trail → Dean Trail) is prohibited.

If you are hiking on the Long Trail and plan to pass over Camel's Hump this week, please adjust your plans to avoid Montclair Glen Lodge. The next closest shelters are Bamforth Ridge Shelter, 5.6 miles north and Cowles Cove Shelter, 5.1 miles south of Montclair Glen.

GMC is working with Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and Forests, Parks and Recreation to install bear-safe food storage at these sites.

This is a very fluid situation so we urge people to check our Facebook page or website for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the situation so these popular overnight sites can be enjoyed once again

08-04-2015, 01:52 PM
Just saw that 2nd post this morning. I was hoping to just do a quick overnight to Hump Brook tomorrow. Seems that the bear is beyond "training" when it breaks into a enclosed structure. Though I wonder if the summit caretaker leaves supplies in the shelter while they are on the summit. This break-in at mid summer with natural food very available must be about the last straw in the hope of retraining the bear. I wouldn't be surprised to read that F&G have destroyed the bear in the near future.