View Full Version : Bemis Stream Trail closure

07-19-2015, 08:11 PM
Just a heads up - the Bemis Stream Trail is closed for the remainder of the season due to extensive logging operations.

This trail parallels the AT, offering an opportunity for a loop hike.

Please help pass this information on to other hikers.

07-20-2015, 09:14 AM
Thanks for the heads-up. There is definitely a lot of logging activity around the Bemis Track. Not sure if they are logging up high as well. May have to go up a nearby logging road and check that out in the near future.

Anyone traveling on the Bemis Track (aka, Bemis Road) from Houghton to Shelton's Trail during normal working day hours should be prepared to stop for a couple minutes, as some logging operations are happening close to the road. The logging company will clear the road to let you through.

As a side note, the Bemis Track is in really great shape this summer and the steep road heading down toward Angel Falls is nicely graded, too!