View Full Version : New London County trail updates - Oswegatchie, Rocky Neck & Day Pond

Mike P.
08-24-2015, 08:30 PM
The last two days, I've been to the three name hiking destinations - State Parks in New London County

Day Pond North & South Loop, Rocky Neck, Red Loop with Yellow spur to overlook of LIS, Oswegatchie, Various trails for 3.95 mile loop

Date of Hike: 8/23/& 8/24

Trail Conditions: On Day Pond, there are two large downed trees, one on the North Loop, one on the South Loop. Both require leaving the trail to go around. The North one is new since mid-July, the south loop one has been down a while and has a clear path around it. In addition the trail above the junction with the Salmon River trail has a downed tree you can walk over but looks very difficult to bike around. I don't believe this is a multi-use trail but I've seen bikes on it.

Special Equipment Required: Bug Spray, see comments

Comments: Did all three of these hikes after 5:00 PM and the black flies and mosquitos were quite annoying, worst than what I found in the ADKs.

Mike P.