View Full Version : Looking for a good ADK slide to climb this weekend

03-21-2005, 02:43 PM
I'm looking for a good slide climb for this weekend in the northern DAKs. Something not too difficult and not too slushy yet. One last time before putting away the ol' crampons and axe for the season!
I was climbing on a South facing slope last weekend and there was almost noghing left.
Any tips welcome.

03-21-2005, 06:35 PM
How about Seymour? It's not very long but it faces north.
Benny's brook also comes to mind and it is a lot easier to get to and is longer. You'll want your axe on the upper portion.
I think Nippletop might be more of an an ice climb requiring screws and ropes than a slide climb.

03-21-2005, 07:06 PM
Bennies looked to be in great shape two weeks ago. Nippletop looked full from the top of sawteeth the other day. The north face of gothics looked to be in really good shape.

03-22-2005, 10:39 PM
Thanks. I'm going to try Gothics - True North.
Can someone just confirm that this is the correct route:
If so, how does one recognize the point where you turn left out of the brook and up on to the slide? It seems disconnected from the North Face slide by some trees.

John H Swanson
03-23-2005, 07:13 AM
You could try using an altimeter. :rolleyes: