View Full Version : Can Stony Brook down from Moriah be skied ?

02-02-2017, 02:30 PM
Howdy. I've always done Moriah from Carter Moriah trail and I don't recall doing Stony Brook on the down hill. The book says it's a gradual slope...would it be doable on bc skis or a sliding snowshoe ?

I'm considering doing Moriah via Carter Moria on the way up and then Stony Brook Down.

B the Hiker
02-02-2017, 09:21 PM
I saw it done on Carter-Moriah. I followed the gent up one snowy winter day some winters ago. There was good snow. When the trail flattened out on the traverse, he left his skis. Then he skied the whole way down. It was very impressive!

I can't speak to Stony Brook.


02-03-2017, 07:50 AM
The lower sections of Stony Brook Trail are basically a fire road with very easy grades. The one exception would be the river crossing about a mile in which drops down a steep bank to an awkward crossing and then steeply reclimbs bank (unless you park in cul de sac in that neighborhood and start trail there, which skips the crossing.). The actual climb up to Carter-Moriah trail is fairly steady but not unduly steep. Carter Moriah Trail section from there over to Moriah has a lot of short steep knobs you climb up that were narrow and very icy the last time I did (crampon material). Once beyond that half mile or so grades are pretty comfortable and terrain is not hard at all. I've never skiied so I can't really comment on what sort of ability would be needed to negotiate it.

02-03-2017, 08:19 AM
I have seen ski tracks along the stony brook route several times over the years all the way from the junction of the AT. I expect that most folks go straight at the crossing and follow the old route out to the development, although with the exception of the river crossing to the new route, the new route is pretty flat. I would be less certain about the stretch on the AT up from the Stony Brook Junction to the height of land. There are several spots where a wrong decision could make for a very bad day due to adjacent cliffs. I realize that there are folks who can routinely ski incredible stuff so I am not saying it hasn't been done but would probably be in the realm if you have to ask you are you are probably in over your head.

If you haven't done CM trail from Gorham in the winter be prepared for a long slog, its on several folks lists as one not to be repeated due to the numerous Puds.