View Full Version : Caribou Tr. (North) - Bog Road, Maine.

08-02-2018, 09:23 AM
Not the busiest or most popular trail head but just a heads up. You may want to avoid it for the next couple weeks because the parking could be swamped.

Aug 5-18, the “Rainbow Family” is holding a gathering near the end of Bog Road.

Backstory - Five or so years ago while on vacation at Kezar Lake, I took a ride up Hut Rd in Stoneham, ME. This is the southern TH for Red Rock cliff (amazing viewpiont.) We did the loop up Miles Notch, over Red Rock and down Great Brook. At the end of our hike we came upon a woman with a “welcome home” sign strung across the road at the campsites there before the gate. Friendly enough, but thought it odd.

Curious, I drove back up a couple days later. The place was jammed with dozens of cars lining both sides of the road, wandering characters everywhere. A little uncomfortable to drive through in order to turn around! Some online research led me to this group and their gatherings on public land. Well I was just back at Kezar and got to wondering where they were this year, and there you have it.

Or who knows, you may want to show up for some cheap acid! Let me know how it goes! :p

Anyone else have experience running into these folks? I’ve gathered they were on Tunnel Brook Rd. one year.

08-02-2018, 03:23 PM
They are on FB it seems: