View Full Version : Winds were cranking early this morning.

01-01-2019, 05:25 AM
I was up early after getting woken up by high winds. The power was flickering on and off. I looked at the obs web site and the peak gust were only 95 mph but the more interesting part was the 10 minute min/max which was 0 to 95 mph. Pretty rare to see such a rapid range.

There were quite a few cars at Lowes and Appalachia, probably more than the capacity of the huts. I expect some folks were camping out and probably had a rude awakening when the front came through.

01-02-2019, 08:35 AM
Been a pretty blustery start to the year. Even on Mt Monadnock yesterday the summit had sustained 40 mph winds. Can only imagine what the Presidentials were like.

01-02-2019, 04:46 PM
I saw Mount Washington was getting 100+ MPH winds yesterday. Driving through Crawford Notch yesterday my car felt like it was going to be blown off the road. I headed to the Northeast Kingdom in Vt and climbed East Haven Mountain which was super windy at the summit, even despite the trees.

01-03-2019, 08:15 AM
Even down here it was fairly blustery NYD and nobody in New England can drive in any wind (plus I swear everybody out on the first was drunk.) In our previous location in mountainous New Mexico my girlfriend had to take a defensive driving course for work...they got to the "high wind" chapter and the instructor said "So, for this class, sorry, the definition of high wind is 20MPH" and everybody in the class snorted.