View Full Version : New England Waterfalls guidebook (updated 3rd edition)

04-04-2019, 11:48 AM
Hello All!

I just wanted to announce that the new edition of the New England Waterfalls guidebook just hit the market about 2 weeks ago.

It took over 2 years to get this thing done. During that process, I personally revisited 100% of the waterfalls that are described in detail within the book. This is my labor of love and I'm honored to update this thing every 7-10 years. This edition is the first time the book has been done in full-color.


For those interested, more info about the book can be found here:


- Greg

04-04-2019, 12:20 PM
Very nice. Thanks for all your effort. Definitely on my list.

04-04-2019, 03:20 PM
Ah, that's you! I've browsed through your site a lot (mainly the "more" waterfalls :o). Great resource, and added the book to my list as well. Thanks!