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08-30-2005, 12:48 PM
Hi Everybody

I plan on Hiking Washington within the next two to four weeks via tuckerman ravine trail or lions head depending on trail conditions. <Never done Washington before> How should we plan to dress for the WX and what is the best reccomended clothing because theoretically depending on temp at Pinkham we could start in shorts and ended up in winter coats hats and gloves. I must say it has been a long summer and I would like a taste of winter but I want to do it right and be safe and not get killed. Also I have traversed above treeline in the fog but I know what Washington can be like and what signs should I look for to consider it not to be safe to continue the hike above the Ravine. I know in the Winter you can see the blowing snow off the top of the bowl but what should I look for in the none Winter months? I would just hate to get to the top of the ravine standup and get blown back down off the mountain (I've heard it has happened before). Any suggestions or tips I would greatly appreciate it.



08-30-2005, 12:54 PM
Obviously, as you stated it can really be anything up there. It is best to check in at Pinkham and get the forecast. It is often at least 20 degrees colder up top and freezing temperatures can happen at anytime of the year, and in September it is pretty likely. I would certainly pack some layers and some rain gear...no cotton. Tuck's is a pretty reliable, sheltered (from the wind) route...check the weather and pay attention to changing conditions and you will be fine!

08-30-2005, 01:54 PM
2 to 4 weeks could put you towards the end of Sept. While you could very well have a beautifull day, thats getting to the 3 season packing requierments in my book.

Mike P.
08-30-2005, 02:05 PM
For the two October trips & a late September trip I've had two clear days where shorts were okay with a long sleeve fleece shirt & the other was a 33 degree rain that early in the day leave freezing rain on the rocks, they closed the auto road & no one came up the train because visibility was bad & 33 degrees with a 20-25 MPH is unpleasant , seeing no one up top was nice though.

Had gloves, hats, rain pants & jacket & fleece pants & shirt + gaiters.

No cotton, I'd shy away from trail runners also unless you go in the next two weeks or have late season history in them. (also have bene Labor Day when it was 44 with a 30 MPH wind, long pants, fleece & light gloves needed)