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How to embed images from photo hosting web sites like Picasa

In order to display inline or embedded images in your trip reports, you should make use of the [img] tag. Like all tags, it appears as a pair - an opening tag ([img]) and a closing tag ([/img]). What you put between the opening and closing tag must be a URL to the actual photo you wish to embed. Most photo hosting sites already offer some way to generate a URL to the photo of interest. If in doubt, you can usually right click on the image and there should be a menu option to view just the image, or to copy the path of the image. In the first case, the URL will be in the address bar of your browser. In the second case, it will get placed on the system clipboard. When complete, the post you are writing might look like this:

I was hiking along my favorite trail when I came to the first stream crossing.  
Water levels were high, and I had to take my boots off to wade across.

Once I got to the summit, there were views in all directions.
[img]http://.../img_1234.jpg[/img]  [img]http://.../img_1234.jpg[/img]


Hope you enjoyed this trip report.

Note: You do not want a URL which ends in .html, i.e., the page you are viewing your image on. You must have the actual image file URL.

More information is available from the forum help on image codes here.

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