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    Mt Liberty via Liberty Spring Trail

    Date of Hike: 02/16/2020

    Trail Conditions: Hard Packed Snow (though at least 3' less than this time last year!) Liberty Springs Trail parking lot is plowed and easily passable.

  2. Nineteen Mile Brook Trail to Carter Notch Hut - Backpacking

    Date of Hike: 2/9/20

    Trail Conditions: Nineteen Mile Brook Trail: Well broken all the way to and from the hut. All crossings easy, some bridged. Wildcat River Trail: Lightly used, deep powder.
  3. Rumford Whitecap, Maine, via Iles Trail and Starr Trail

    Date of Hike: 02/02/2020

    Trail Conditions: Please enter, specific words to describe the current trail conditions. Hard packed snow, extremely icy. Glaze ice on summit. Deep postholes for the...
  4. Mt. Ellen attempt via Jerusalem Trail, Long Trail

    Date of Hike: 01/19/2020

    Trail Conditions: Deep powder with sections of glaze ice. Well broken by the time we left.

    Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - essential then, probably useful now;...
  5. Zealand and Mount Guyot, Zealand Trail, Twinway

    Date of Hike: 01/01/2020 - 01/02/2020

    Trail Conditions: Packed snow, bridged water crossings, one downed tree between Zeacliff and Zealand that is difficult to get over if you're short

  6. Mt. Washington (Attempt), Mt. Monroe, via Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

    Date of Hike: 12/22/2019

    Trail Conditions: Hard-packed snow, some deteriorating snow bridges

    Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - useful, crampons - useful, microspikes - essential
  7. Katahdin, Baxter Peak and Hamlin Peak, via Cathedral Trail, Hamlin Ridge Trail

    Trail and Mountain names should be posted in thread Title

    Date of Hike: 10/12/19 - 10/14/19

    Trail Conditions: Some downed trees on Northwest Basin Trail

    Special Equipment Required: N/A - no...
  8. Webster and Jackson, Jackson-Webster Trail, Webster Cliff Trail, 10/5/19

    Date of Hike: 10/5/2019

    Trail Conditions: Ice - easily avoided. Easy water crossings.

    Special Equipment Required: N/A

    Comments: Trip Report with photos:...
  9. Carter Dome, Mt Hight, South Carter, Middle Carter, Wild River Trail, Moriah Brook

    Date of Hike: 9/21/19 - 9/23/19

    Trail Conditions: Very easy water crossings even on Wild River Trail and Moriah Brook Trail; some downed trees on Wild River Trail and Moriah Brook Trail. Lightly...
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    What relevance does "chunky" have here? It's...

    What relevance does "chunky" have here? It's evidently so important that it's the first thing you listed about them :confused:
  11. NOBO Presidential Traverse 9/13/19 - 9/15/19

    Date of Hike: September 13, 2019 - September 15, 2019

    Trail Conditions: Dry, wet rock, easy water crossings

    Special Equipment Required: N/A

    Comments: Trail report with pictures:...
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    Mt. Moosilauke via Glencliff Trail

    Date of Hike: 11/24/2018

    Trail Conditions: Packed snow with a couple of inches of unconsolidated powder in spots. Mashed potato snow. You'll want snowshoes after the junction with the Carriage...
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    Mount Jackson via Jackson-Webster Trail

    Date of Hike: 11/18/2018

    Trail Conditions: Well-packed snow. Snow bridges over water crossings are solid.

    Special Equipment Required: Microspikes - essential; snowshoes - useful

  14. Lye Brook Wilderness - Lye Brook Trail, Long Trail

    Trail and Mountain names should be posted in thread Title

    Date of Hike: 10/16/2018 - 10/17/2018

    Trail Conditions: Difficult water crossings, downed trees, indistinct trail, high water in boggy...
  15. A.T. Section Hike: Lions Head, Bear Mountain, Mount Race

    Date of Hike: 9/29/2018 - 9/30/2018

    Trail Conditions: Please enter, specific words to describe the current trail conditions. Muddy, wet, 1 difficult water crossing

    Special Equipment Required:...
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    For those who live in MA, the Coolidge Corner...

    For those who live in MA, the Coolidge Corner Theatre is showing Free Solo! I just saw it. Really, really well done - highly recommended.
  17. Oh man, just the thought of that experience is...

    Oh man, just the thought of that experience is giving me chills! I hope you can get your pictures converted to a digital format. I'd love to see them. My only regret is that we didn't have time to go...
  18. Thank you so much Billy! I hiked up with all my...

    Thank you so much Billy! I hiked up with all my water too -- didn't mention it in the trip report, but somebody behind us on the cables left his water at the base and started cramping halfway up....
  19. Backpacking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

    Half Dome is on just about every hiker's and backpacker's bucket list. It's so different from our New England trails (so many switchbacks! so few rocks! but wait, how am I supposed to hike on sand...
  20. Mt. Cabot, The Bulge, and The Horn via Bunnell Notch Trail, Kilkenny Ridge Trail

    Date of Hike: 9/2/2018 - 9/3/2018

    Trail Conditions: Muddy; downed trees, especially on Kilkenny Ridge Trail

    Special Equipment Required: Water treatment especially for that murky pond water!
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    Sunrise hike to Mt. Osceola and East Osceola

    Date of Hike: 8/26/2018

    Trail Conditions: Upper 1/3rd of trail is wet, slippery, muddy

    Special Equipment Required: Headlamp - essential; lantern - useful

    Comments: Full trip report with...
  22. Bondcliff, Mount Bond via Lincoln Woods and Bondcliff Trail

    Date of Hike: 8/11/2018-8/12/2018

    Trail Conditions: Dry on day 1 (8/11/18). Quite wet, muddy, slippery on day 2 (8/12/18). Water crossings difficult on day 2 but very easy on day 1.

  23. South and North Baldface via Baldface Circle Trail

    Date of Hike: 7/28/2018

    Trail Conditions: One downed tree; water crossings (sketchy); wet rock

    Special Equipment Required: Kinda wished I brought my rock climbing shoes!

    Comments: Full trip...
  24. Mt. Moosilauke via Gorge Brook, Carriage Road, Snapper Trail

    Date of Hike: 7/13/2018

    Trail Conditions: Muddy. Wales cut-off/re-route on the way up is not clearly marked; the sign may be missing.

    Special Equipment Required: Bug spray - essential
  25. Cadillac Mountain via South Ridge Trail for sunrise

    Date of Hike: 7/8/2018

    Trail Conditions: Dry; mostly well marked, but a bit hard to follow for the first 0.7 out of Blackwoods Campground (in the dark, at least).

    Special Equipment Required:...
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