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    job security in this recession!

    As I'm a paramedic, this guy, and others just like him keep me employed - job security! :D

    (Sound like another local owner of a gunstore near me who somehow shot himself in the hand in his own...
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    Better than nothing for sure!

    Awesome - Well at least it's a start. Mucho bettero than NO sign at all.

    For all the traffic Haystack Rd gets I too was amazed there wasn't something labeling it. Seems common for many other...
  3. Mt Misery Loop Patchaug State Forest, Voluntown 3/1/09

    Mt Misery Loop via Patchaug Trail & Nehantic Trail (~5 miles)

    Patchaug Trail east from Rte 138 trailhead near Rte 201.
    Turn left (north/west) on Nehantic Trail, right on Cutoff Road (Gravel),...
  4. Lions Head, Bear Mtn via AT (Cobble St) to Paradise Tr, UnderMtn Tr to Rte 41; 2-1-09

    Date of Hike: February 1st, 2009

    Trail Route: Depart from Rte 41 Pkg Lot near Cobble St, AT North to Bear Mtn, continue north descending ledges toward Sages Ravine, turn on Paradise Trail to...
  5. Patchaug Trail, Beach Pond to Rte 49 - Jan 19, 2009

    :cool:Date of Hike: January 10, 2009

    Trail Conditions: Icy, Hard Packed Crunchy Snow; But not very deep snow. Especially icy near rocks, ledges.

    12F @ 7am; ~20F by 11am; No precipitation yet,...
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