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    Is road to trailhead still open?

    Does anyone know if road to trailhead for Osceola is still open at this time of year?
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    Mt. Eisenhower

    Friend & I hiked the Edmands Path & Eisenhower Loop to summit of Eisenhower.
    Trail is well marked. Its mostly dry with some slippery rocks.
    Beautiful, warm, mostly sunny day.
    Wonderful views.
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    Looking for occasional hiking partner

    I am an older woman looking for people to hike with mostly the 48's.
  4. Mt. Tecumseh via Mt. Tecumseh Trail11/2/2014

    Overcast, cold day, quite windy in spots.
    Well maintained trail,easily followed.
    The trail was covered initially with leaves, then hardened ground. Dusting of snow on trail, which became an inch...
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    Wonderful pictures!!

    Wonderful pictures!!
  6. Flume via Wilderness Trail & Osseo 4/19

    Wilderness Trail has thin layer of snow & ice on parts of it. After about a mile or so the Osseo Trail is covered with softened snow, then hard snow, and a little icy.
    I brought snowshoes,...
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    I'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved dog....

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved dog. What a terrible thing to happen.
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    Hi I am interested in hiking with you! I tend to...

    Hi I am interested in hiking with you! I tend to hike on the slower side and try to hike every other weekend.I also am not a fan of big groups for hiking. Why don't you leave me a message under...
  9. I hope he didn't eat his dog, who saved him from...

    I hope he didn't eat his dog, who saved him from the bear.
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    Just to clarify-I had a map!

    Just to clarify-I had a map!
  11. Mt. Moosilauke via Beaver Brook Trail 10/19/2013

    Beautiful, sunny day for a hike.
    Very steep trail with wooden steps and handrails, along the
    cascades. On the ascent the trail was mostly dry. On the descent the rocks and wooden steps were wet...
  12. Garfield via Garfield Ridge Trail 10/5/13

    Overcast all day, no views from the summit.
    Trail is rocky, mostly dry, and easily followed.
    Trail signs almost at the top are confusing if you've never done this hike before. There is no clear...
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    This is so very sad.

    This is so very sad.
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    I hope for a miracle that she's found alive.

    I hope for a miracle that she's found alive.
  15. North Kinsman via Lonesome Lake Trail, Fishin Jimmy, & Kinsman Ridge Trail 7/27/13

    Beautiful day for a hike.
    Most of the trails were dry, except for a few a wet spots on Lonesome Lake, around the lake, & Fishin Jimmy. Trails are pretty well marked.

    Hiking Fishin Jimmy, with...
  16. Very sorry to hear about his death. Prayers to...

    Very sorry to hear about his death. Prayers to his family and friends. Julie
  17. Mt. Munroe via Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail 7/13/13

    Perfect weather for a hike.
    Trail is easily followed and well maintained. It looked like someone cleared a tree from the path on the way to Gem Pool.
    The trail is mostly dry with a few muddy areas...
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    Goose Eye via Goose Eye Trail 6/16/13

    Got a late start and started hiking after 2pm. Light rain turned into a steady downpour. Learned that REI rainjacket was no longer waterproof! Trail in good condition on the ascent. Loved walking...
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    Ed, Those are wonderful pictures of you and...

    Those are wonderful pictures of you and Lauky. I am so sorry to see you go. I always liked reading your trail reports.You and Lauky have been a fixture on VFFT. I was getting nervous with the...
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    Eiisenhower via Edmands Path 5/19/13

    The first 2 miles of Edmands were dry. Then the trail alternated between soft snow and some ice with dry stretches. Still a lot of snow on the sides but melting. No traction needed ascending-could...
  21. Jackson via Webster Jackson Trail 5/4/13

    The first half mile is dry. After that there are patches of snow. After 1.4 miles there is still lots of snow. People are hiking on a monorail and beside it. Still a few feet of snow. On the way...
  22. Cannon via Lonesome Lake,Hi-Cannon, and Kinsman Ridge Trail 4/6/2013

    Trail is well packed down until a little past the ladder. I put on snowshoes when trail became choppy.
    Beautiful, sunny day to hike.
    I went up the tower at the summit, and it was very windy. ...
  23. Tecumseh via Mt. Tecumseh Trail 2/23/13

    Most of the trail is well packed down, except for a few areas that are broken up by hikers barebooting.
    I used snowshoes throughout the hike which worked well.
    Beautiful hike with the snow lightly...
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    Hey, my name is Julie.

    Hey, my name is Julie.
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    I'm the woman who got charged $7,000 for the...

    I'm the woman who got charged $7,000 for the rescue on Jackson almost 2 years ago. I was found negligent because I didn't have a compass or GPS on me and made the decision to hike when forecast for...
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