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  1. Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette with Lincoln Slide - 8/16/14

    Trails: Lincoln Woods, Osseo Trail, Franconia Ridge, Lincoln Slide, Lincoln Brook, Black Pond bushwhack, Lincoln Woods

    Trail Conditions: Lincoln Woods and Osseo Trail were in great shape, with...
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    Bigelows (Avery Peak, West Peak) - 8/10/14

    Trails: Firewarden's Trail, AT

    Trail Conditions: Muddy sections on the lower FWT. Not steep until the final mile to the col - where it is a long, strenuous staircase, which had great footing all...
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    Crocker, Redington, N. Crocker - 8/9/14

    Trails: AT, bushwhack, AT

    Trail Conditions: Some pretty wet sections on the bottom mile to Crocker Cirque, and steep but stable rocks on the steep ascent to the ridge leading to the S. Crocker...
  4. Mt. Abraham, Spaulding Mtn, Sugarloaf - 8/9/14

    Trails: Firewarden's Trail, Abraham Side Trail, AT, Sugarloaf Side Trail

    Trail Conditions: Everything was in pretty good shape. 2nd water crossing was knee deep, but refreshing due to warm temps....
  5. Ride from Highland Center to Appalachia - 7/11

    My wife and I are planning to do a full-moon presi traverse this Friday night-Saturday morning (weather and cloud-cover dependent), and we were wondering if anybody would be in the area and willing...
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    Mt. Moriah via Carter-Moriah - 6/29/14

    Trails: Carter-Moriah

    Trail Conditions: Everything was in good shape. A little wet and boggy towards the summit, and areas of many bugs.

    Equipment: None.

    Comments: First time on this...
  7. Madison, Jefferson via King Ravine and Six Husbands - 6/28/14

    Trails: Lowe's Path, King Ravine Trail, Airline, Gulfside, Osgood, Buttress Trail, Six Husbands Trail, Mt. Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Randolph Path, Lowe's Path

    Trail Conditions: Lowe's Path is in...
  8. Hale, Zealand, South Twin, North Twin - 6/19/14

    Trails: North Twin Trail, Fire Warden's Trail, Lend-a-Hand Trail, Twinway, North Twin Trail

    Trail Conditions: North Twin was flat and dry up to FWT. FWT was in great condition like usual for an...
  9. Wildcat EDCBA, Carter Dome, Hight, South Carter, Middle Carter, Moriah - 6/15/14

    Trails: Lost Pond Trail, Wildcat Ridge Trail, Carter-Moriah Trail, Stony Brook Trail

    Trail Conditions: Lost Pond was wet and boggy in spots, but fine overall. Wildcat Ridge trail up to E was...
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    Mt. Adams, Mt. Madison - 6/14/14

    Trails: Airline, Star Lake, Osgood, Valley Way

    Trail Conditions: Airline was wet (obviously), but nothing terrible for the day after a massive rain. Steep, rocky, and rooty but once you get to...
  11. N. Tripyramid, M. Tripyramid, S. Tripyramid via the Slides - 6/8/14

    Trails: Livermore Road, Mt. Tripyramid Trail (via North Slide), Livermore Road

    Trail Conditions: The road is, well, a road. Couple of stepovers heading on the short portion of the Mt. Tripyramid...
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    Mt. Moosilauke via Beaver Brook - 6/1/14

    Trails: Beaver Brook Trail

    Trail Conditions: A couple of small stepovers. A little wet in places with a few remaining ice and snow patches on the ascent along the cascades. Once the trail...
  13. Flume, Liberty, Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette - 5/29/14

    Trails: Bike Path, Liberty Springs Trail, Flume Slide Trail, Franconia Ridge Trail, Greenleaf Trail, Old Bridle Path

    Trail Conditions: Liberty Springs to Flume Slide Trail junction was its usual...
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    Galehead, South Twin - 5/25/14

    Trails: Gale River Trail, Garfield Ridge Trail, Frost Trail, Twinway

    Trail Conditions: The usual mixture of dry, damp, and boggy sections on the Gale River Trail. Crossings are easy. Garfield...
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    North Kinsman, South Kinsman - 5/24/14

    Trails: Mt. Kinsman Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail

    Trail Conditions: Damp trails but clear up to the Bald Peak junction, once you start climbing the trail was fairly eroded, more than I remember from...
  16. Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette - 4/19/14

    Trails: Old Bridle Path, Falling Waters, Franconia Ridge, Greenleaf Trail, Old Bridle Path

    Trail Conditions: Falling Waters was hard packed and the monorail was stable from the rain and cold...
  17. Middle Carter, South Carter, Mt. Hight, Carter Dome - 4/6/14

    Trails: Camp Dodge Cutoff, Imp South Trail, North Carter Trail, Carter-Moriah Trail, 19 Mile Brook

    Trail Conditions: All over the place today. Hard, crusty snow on Imp with a little soft stuff...
  18. Mt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Liberty - 3/29/14

    Trails: Bike Path, Old Bridle Path, Franconia Ridge Trail, Liberty Springs Trail, Basin Bushwhack, Bike Path

    Trail Conditions: Bike path was packed out by snowmobilers and easy walking, OBP was...
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    Mt. Carrigain via Signal Ridge - 3/16/14

    Trails: Sawyer River Road, Signal Ridge

    Trail Conditions: Sawyer River Road was hard and crunchy. First couple miles on Signal Ridge Trail to the river crossing were hard as a rock due to high...
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    Monroe, Washington, Jefferson - 3/8/14

    Trails: Ammonoosuc, Crawford Path, Monroe Loop, Crawford Path, Trinity Heights, Gulfside, Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Jewell

    Trail Conditions: The Ammo was a dream...solid snowy sidewalk with very...
  21. East Osceola, Osceola via Greeley Ponds and Mt Osceola Trails - 3/2/14

    Trail Conditions: well packed out, solid base throughout, pretty soft on the sides. ascent up the osceola trail has some icy spots because the snow has been cleaned away in areas due to glissading. ...
  22. North Twin, South Twin via North Twin Trail - 2/17/14

    Trail Conditions: perfectly packed, no blowdowns. some softer snow on the north twin spur to south twin and some drifts. couldn't be better trail conditions.

    Equipment: snowshoes (please)
  23. North Tripyramid via Pine Bend Brook Trail - 2/15/14

    North Tripyramid via Pine Bend Brook Trail - 2/15/14

    Trail Conditions: 12-16" of new, heavy snow, some drifts up to 4-5' in places. First couple of miles are fairly easy, couple of big blowdowns,...
  24. First Presi Traverse on a Perfect Day - 9/20/13

    Appalachia-->Highland Center (via Madison to Jackson)
    Miles: 22.21
    Elevation: 9693'
    Book Time: 16:01
    Actual Time: 13:15

    Ever since I hiked across the Presidentials for the first time...
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    Hale-Zealand-Bonds Traverse - 6/22

    Four of us (my fiance and two close friends) had planned on doing a Pemi-traverse this past weekend for a few weeks now, so the impending rain/storms in the forecast were unwelcome, but definitely...
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