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    Lower Wolf Jaw 8/27/18

    Hiked this peak via West River and Wedge Brook trails. We reached the trail by taking a right at the gate house. Trail is steeper than other routes I am told but itís dry and almost mud free....
  2. Mt Marcy via VanHoevenberg Trail 8/31/18

    Trail has the usual muddy spots. Bog bridgesí conditions run the gamut but most are in good shape and water crossings low, easily crossed.

    Beautiful day but as is typical in late summer, a cloud...
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    Nippletop and Dial 8/6/2018

    Trail muddy and eroded just before Fish Hawk Cliffs. Bugs at a minimum.

    Hiked the loop counter clockwise on this hot and humid day. By the time we reached the Mt Colvin junction we were spent but...
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    Table Top August 12, 2017

    There's a reroute on the VanHoevenberg trail just before Marcy dam - it's muddy and rooty, generallly messy. Conditions muddy muddy from the Table Top cutoff to the summit. Bootsucking pits just...
  5. Algonquin and Iroquois via Van Hoevenberg and Algonquin trails, August 9, 2017

    Algonquin and Iroquois via the more popular up and back route. Trail was wet and muddy, the way it's been in the Adirondacks this rainy summer. Slabs from Wright junction to summit of Algonquin...
  6. Sawteeth via Weld and Sawteeth Trails, 8/8/2017

    Some muddy spots but overall the trail is in good shape.

    No special equipment needed.

    Rain was predicted so we chose this lone peak. Lots of fun when you have all day to do a moderate climb. ...
  7. Wright Peak via Van Hoevenberg,Algonquin and Spur trails, 7/21/2017

    After lots of rain earlier in the week the trail was fairly dry with only a few puddles, though still lots of muddy spots. Watery areas are fine. Once on the spur to the summit, those .4 miles are...
  8. Gothics, Armstrong and Upper Wolfjaw 7/19/2017

    Did the ridge via the Ore Bed Brook trail from Johns Brook Lodge. Johns Brook crossing took a bit of time as the river was swollen from Monday's torrential rains. Trails are very muddy, bring bug...
  9. Haystack from Johns Brook Lodge 7/18/17

    Torrential rain the day before made for extremely wet, flooded conditions. This hampered our progress. This year's mud also made for slow going. Bring bug repellent.

    What started out as a two...
  10. Cathedral and White Horse Ledges 3/5/17

    Bryce trail has some snow, some bare ground and a lot of ice. The col between the two ledges is snow covered. The area from the col to Cathedral ledges is treacherous in places - we grabbed onto...
  11. Mt. Webster via Webster-Jackson Trail 9/23/2016

    Trail was wet with running water on the slabs. There was standing water in a few places. Raingear and gloves were needed today.

    A very wet day, with bands of rain throughout the morning. We...
  12. Mt. Colden via ADK Parking Area (HPIC), August 7, 2016

    Trail very muddy around Lake Arnold, some areas with walk-arounds, others you just pick a spot to step and hope for the best. Many bog bridges have been replaced but there's a good number of old...
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    Whiteface Mountain, August 5, 2016

    Trail dry and well-trodden, with a few muddy spots beyond the big cairn that marks the entrance to Esther.

    Took the old ski lift trail just beyond the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (second...
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    Mt. Esther, July 25, 2016

    Trail from the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center is steep with rolly rocks (used to be a ski lift corridor). Trail from the big cairn is in great shape.

    It started raining on the ridge up to...
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    Phelps Mountain July 24, 2016

    Easy access from the Van Hoevenberg trail. Once you leave VH, trail steepens and is quite rough and eroded with several blow-downs around (but not in) the trail.

    This hike was steeper than...
  16. Street and Nye Mountains, July 23, 2016.

    Indian Pass Brook crossing was mostly rocks with a "trickle" of water. A handful of older blowdowns have walk-arounds. Trail eroded and rough (typical of a "trailless peak").

    We almost passed by...
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    Mts. Cascade and Porter 7/22/2016

    Nothing to comment about trail conditions, except that we saw just a handful of people on the trail - Friday was the day to hike these peaks.

    There was a steward at the summit of Cascade. We...
  18. North and South Crocker via CVR and AT, 6/26/16

    Caribou Valley Road is passable but has one bridge in rough shape (many holes, but otherwise sturdy - be careful!). One big blowdown on the trail, located a few miles from the Route 27 trail...
  19. Bigelow's Avery and West Peaks, South and North Horn 6/25/16

    Firewarden's, Bigelow Range and Horns Pond trails (loop hike). Firewarden's trailhead water crossing is now bridged, no other water crossing issues (it's been dry). Trail well marked and...
  20. Mt. Nancy, Nancy Pond Trail and Herdpath 6/11/16

    Nancy Pond trail clean except for a number of small branches that hitch a ride on your shoes/poles. Rooty and some of the 100 or so bog bridges are slippery. All water crossings doable. One of the...
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    Looks like we parked at the same place, we just...

    Looks like we parked at the same place, we just went straight when you took the left. Further on down we took a left up the Curtis Ormsbee. Here's the sign. I can see why people would think it is...
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    Wow! Same day we were there, wonder if we saw...

    Wow! Same day we were there, wonder if we saw you. We opted for the loop, up the Curtis Ormsbee trail, did you hike the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide trail all the way? We did it on the way down, never...
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    Hunter Mountain, 5/22/2016

    Becker Hollow trail was dry and bug-free (thanks to cooler temps and a bit of breeze). Some tricky footing due to loose rock just below the junction of the summit loop, particularly on the descent. ...
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    Slide Mountain Loop, 5/21/16

    Water crossing was just a trickle today. Phoenicia-East Branch trail is muddy (and buggy) in some spots but the Curtis-Ormsbee and Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide trails were completely dry.
  25. Mt. Waternomee via Walker Brook Road and Herd Path, 5/7/2016

    Herd path wet and roots slippery. Herd path is really a well-marked trail, particularly well marked at the water crossing. Brook was running high. We carefully rock hopped as the rocks were...
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