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Thread: What trail after the flood?

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    What trail after the flood?

    What trail(s) do you most want to hike right after the rains finally ease up a bit? After 10 days straight (or however many it ends up being) of rain, which would you pick? Why? Some people like the challenge of high-water crossings, some like waterfalls, etc. If time and money were non-issues, I'd like to hike the Cascade Canyon Trail in the Grand Tetons after a week of rain. But here in the northeast I'd pick Falling Waters Trail, and then turn south at Little Haystack to avoid being trampled.

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    Senior Member dug's Avatar
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    After almost drowning my dog in the Peabody River a few years back, I'll take the chickensh** route and stick to the old rail trails.

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    Senior Member MadRiver's Avatar
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    Thornton, NH
    Whatever trail that is that runs alongside the Basin is always interesting after a huge storm.
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    I'm leading an AMC hike of Whiteface (NH) this Saturday. As long as Squirrel Bridge hasn't been washed out, I think we'll be OK.

    If the bridge is out, maybe we'll do Passaconaway via Old Mast Road and Walden instead.

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    If you have a foolhardy sense of adventure, the Wright Trail up Goose Eye in the Maine Mahoosucs is the one to do after heavy rains. Goose Eye Brook and its feeder streams have some gorgeous cascades and the Goose Eye summits and the south loop ridges are spectacular.

    Please note that this loop has no less than 10 major stream crossings when the waters are rushing. Bring water shoes or prepare to get wet.

    Under such conditions, this hike is a blast, but only for the slightly crazy. Hopefully fellow VFTTers Sherpa K, Shizzmac, Swamp and Injektilo would all agree.

    Here is a trip report from last year: Wright Trail
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    Basin-Cascades Tr. starting at the Basin parking on the Franconia Notch Parkway.

    Lots of cascades as well as Kinsman and Rocky Glen Falls. Real nice.

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    Hamilton Falls

    After this kind of rain, I'm a fan of a hike along the easy path of an old railroad next to the west river in Jamaica, VT. Then turning up the trail to Hamilton Falls . There are rock ledges that jut out from the side of the hill where you can feel like you're hanging right out in the air above the falls. The whole walk is filled with the unending sound of rushing, surging water. So much so that by the time you're nearing the car you can't wait for the silence that comes after getting in and shutting the door. Sort of like getting out of the wind after being in it all day.

    Also, I bet that Lye Brook Falls would be pretty great after all this rain. It was good in the early spring this year. You can do this as part of a backpack jaunt to the Stratton Pond Shelter on the LT.

    Guess, what? It's still pouring!!!!

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    This is a great time to hike around streams and take pictures. The hobble bush is all in full bloom, or close to it, and the trillium is bloomed, and some ferns have now unfolded. The heavy rain should be over now for the White Mountains, with just periods of drizzle through the weekend.

    I like the Appalachia area, on the northern slopes of the Northern Presidentials. There's lots of falls and flora is gorgeous.

    Happy Trails!

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    I'd like to see Moriah Brook after heavy rains. Unfortunately, there is a crossing (or two) upstream of Moriah Gorge that would probably be very dangerous. However, the upper section could be accessed from the Carter-Moriah trail.

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    Senior Member Mattl's Avatar
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    The sun will finally appear, except it may trigger some showers and thunderstorms cause of it, but the main rain is over for NH and Whites. The sandwich range is in full bloom right now with tons of different flowers. I love the display you get a chance to see out there. I would give it a couple days for strema crossings though. -Mattl

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb
    I'd like to see Moriah Brook after heavy rains. Unfortunately, there is a crossing (or two) upstream of Moriah Gorge that would probably be very dangerous. However, the upper section could be accessed from the Carter-Moriah trail.

    The entire trail is wet; after a rain like this one, I'd bet much of it is higher-than-your-boots.


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    I tend to separate hikes from waterfall/cascade tours, especially after a week of record and near-record breaking rains. I suppose I might consider Falling Waters, but even if you make the first major crossing, there's places higher up which are likely to be flooded and you'll be forced to hike in the brook.

    Rather, I'd look for trails which stay high on the ridges, and have few if any crossings, such as Old Bridal Path, Moriah via Carter-Moriah trail (the one that leaves from the cul-du-sac), Hi-Cannon trail, etc. I'd rather enjoy hiking on somewhat dry trails and not worry whether I going to be able to ford the last river before getting back to my car.


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    Senior Member Raymond's Avatar
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    My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also very hungry.
    Gee, I remember looking for Hamilton Falls years ago. I guess we didn't find them. I think we ended up at a saw mill or something.

    I'd like to see The Cataracts next to the old trail up Baldpate Mountain in Maine right about now.

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    Senior Member Mohamed Ellozy's Avatar
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    Today I hiked Tuckerman's Ravine Trail to Hojo. Wonderful views of Crystal Cascade low down, then from Hojo's a spectacular view of the waterfall coming down the headwall.

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    Any waterfall hike . . . Arethusa Falls must be nice right now, although it is always pretty awesome.

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