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Thread: critter ID help, please

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    critter ID help, please

    On South and Middle Moat, this was feeding on rhodora blossoms.

    It looks very similar to a bumble bee, and there were buble bees and a humming bird feeding on the same patches of rhodora. Mrs. forestgnome said "hummingbird moth", and a search at USGS turned up the snowberry clearwing as my best guess. However, rhodora is not on their list of food, and the southeastern White Mts. was not part of the their range.

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    Looks like a bumblee moth? Apparently a similiar species to the hummingbird moth.

    Picture and info on


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    It's a Snowberry Clearwing Moth as you mentioned, Haemorrhagia axillaris, a day flying sphinx moth and a member of the Hummingbird Moth family. The Snowberry Clearwing is known to some as the Bumblebee Moth.

    Maybe he's on vacation and trying out the local cuisine.
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    Here's a previous thread on these.

    Hummingbird Moth

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