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Thread: Wildcats, twins and Galehead, Monroe

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    Wildcats, twins and Galehead, Monroe

    I am working on my 48 list and still have about 13 more. Is anyone interested in joining me on doing the Wildcats on Friday, the Twins and
    Galehead on Saturday, and maybe Monroe on Sunday?

    Wildcats: Nineteen Mile Brook trail to summit, descending on the ski trail.
    Twins and Galehead: North Twin Trail, up and down.
    Monroe: Any suggestions welcome.

    Early departure preferably. Let me know. It is my hope someone can join me.

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    Hey Marsha,

    I wish I could join you for some of these hikes but I'll be in VT this coming weekend.

    Only 13 left??? You've come a long way since our first hike back in December.


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    Quote Originally Posted by satori
    ...Twins and Galehead: North Twin Trail, up and down...
    Is there a particular reason why you want to go up and down on the North Twin Trail instead of the Gale River Trail which would save you about 1100' in elevation gain? A car spot at one end would be even better.

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    I too would love to hike with ya again - taking son to zoo this weekend!
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