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Thread: Mt. Hood accident and Yellowstone tourist death

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    Mt. Hood accident and Yellowstone tourist death

    Two articles...

    First, a tourist falls 500 ft. over a cliff trying to take a picture. Apparently they build walls for a reason ... Very sad and unfortunate. Be careful on Bondcliff!!!

    And climbers fall on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

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    [QUOTE=TDawg]Two articles...

    First, a tourist falls 500 ft. over a cliff trying to take a picture. Apparently they build walls for a reason ... Very sad and unfortunate. Be careful on Bondcliff!!! QUOTE]

    First off my sympathies to the family. I was out in Yellowstone in 2000 and the things I saw people do to get pictures was rediculous. I am surprised there are not more fatalities in our National Parks
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    Wow! The Mount Hood accident reads like a traffic wreck on the freeway.

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    not enough details

    but The Mt Hood accident sounds like what happened on the Hogsback route a few years back, (the one where the rescue chopper crashed)

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    The latest Mt. Hood accident is an unfortunate example of what can happen when teams are not properly spaced. The previous one that killed three climbers and also resulted in a rescue chopper crash occurred on May 30, 2002. I think there have been others on Hood as well.

    Another example occurred in 1997 when four teams were climbing in a line on Ptarmigan Peak in the Chugach Mountains in AK. The uppermost climber fell in a narrow chute and dragged down his team. They fell into the second team, then the third, and finally the fourth, resulting in two fatalities and multiple serious injuries. The teams were tangled in their ropes at the bottom of their fall and had to be cut loose.
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    The simple practice of using a running belay, or if it was wide enough, climbing diagonal probably would have prevent this latest Hood accident...

    As for the Yosemite accident, no picture is worth dying for... This same thing has happened a few times on Catherdral Ledge in Conway
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    yep - this is unfortunate - going to be there in 4 weeks. My plan all along was to use a running belay up high if needed. Sounds like it ain't a bad plan.
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