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Thread: Tripyramids/Whiteface/Passaconaway: 1-4-04

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    Tripyramids/Whiteface/Passaconaway: 1-4-04

    We arrive at the Pine Bend Brook Trailhead after spotting a car at Downes Brook Trailhead. There is a large AMC group forming there, and we head out just before them. Thom and Andrew are both joining us today.

    We arrive on the summit of N. Tripyramid. It is a beautiful day! Little windy up high, but temps are only around 30F.

    We arrive on M. Tripyramid, take a few pictures and keep on moving.

    We are on S. Tripyramid. We head down the S. Slide to link up with the Kate Sleeper Trail. The S. Slide has quite a bit of exposed rock with snow and ice.

    We reach E. Sleeper. Jeffery (who came up the S. Slide) caught up to us around W. Sleeper, and we hiked together to E. Sleeper. He is a lot like us! After chatting awhile, he heads back to the S. Slide and on over the Tripyramids.

    Whiteface summit.

    We arrive on Passaconaway.

    We are back to our spotted vehicle. We took the Downes Brook Slide down from Passaconaway, which is a lot of fun in winter. There was more ice this time compared to when we did it about a month ago. The Downes Brook was also not as high.

    45 down, 3 to go...

    Thom has 30 down, 18 to go.

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    WOW !!!!!

    3 left huh?

    Which one will be the last I wonder?
    Carrigan, Waumbek or Owl's Head?

    Great job guys! I am truly humbled and awestruck.

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    Waiting for today's report!!

    Wow, Stinkyfeet and Frodo!
    Been away for a few days. Larry told me about your remarkable feat, so now I am waiting to read how your adventure was today!Way to go!! I was thinking of my first winter 4's trip up Waumbek, and waiting for Winter to officially begin. I remember shooting off a cap gun right before we started. Those were the days!
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    An incredible feat! My feet ache just to think of what you folks are doing ... woo-hoo! Good luck on the finish!
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