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Thread: Has anyone read "the Secret Life of Water" ?

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    Has anyone read "the Secret Life of Water" ?

    I recently read this book after checking it out from the NYPL and I'm wondering if any other members of VFTT have read it or any other books written by the author - Masuru Emoto.

    I frankly don't know what to think of it or the author's claim that thought can influence water..... a very interesting read, though..... if this is true then it seems our presence, thoughts, and actions in the backcountry are more influential than we think they are.....

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    Yes, I'm familiar with his work. Did you see the movie "What the )(*^bleep"? Mostly about quantum physics, and how we create our own reality - there's an interesting bit about Masuru Emoto's work. The movie is very thought provoking. Interesting to watch the scientific community 'validate' concepts which Eastern thought has known for centuries.

    I guess everyone will get to same endpoint in his/her own fashion and time.

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