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Thread: The Classic Loop..Up Ammo,Over Washington and Clay & down Jewel

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    Well it had been well over 8 months since I had been in the woods as I have been busy with our youngest (11 mo) so as a free weekend proposed itself to me I had to decide on a hike with the most bang for its buck.. Double checked the weather and decided to do the aforementioned loop over Washington and Clay. Not being in the best of shape, surprisingly the trip up Ammo was quite friendly on our legs, making great time from the trailhead to the hut by 8:30 am. Water was flowing quite hard into Gem pool and everything was a little wet but manageable. Ran into 2 hikers on the way up. Hit Lakes with its 75 people swarming around it and its pleasant smell of your backyard cesspool. Needless to say the hut wasnít the highlight of the trip but we did get a good laugh in seeing a Chihuahua up at the hut and it had its own tent (Looked like a clip flashlight, only smaller).Was Paris Hilton up there? Tracked up the cone via Crawford and was entertained by the low lying clouds that left the summits all open. Really leaves you feeling quite small in the world when you are above the clouds like that. Every peak was in the open, through Waterville Valley and Franconia. Not a wind to be had with temps in the 60s, was some of the best weather I have encountered in the Whites. Havenít seen any other posts from the Washington area for Saturday but I am certain others can attest to this unbelievable weather. Otherwise from the Summit over to the Jewel trail was quite uneventful with only seeing approx 12 people from the col between Washington & Clay to the Parking lot.8 hours to do the loop including 45+ minutes at the summit...Not too shabby. Book says to ascend via Ammo but I am certain heading down Ammo in DRY conditions would be better than descending via the Jewel trail. The Jewel trail took its toll on our legs with its sharp oblong rocks.Thats just about it. Good times with my father with memories that will last a lifetime. I know everyone has an opinion about Washington but it is what it is. Does the backcountry experience drop a couple notches once you hit Lake of the Clouds...Yes? Did we have hot chocolate at the Summit of Washington..Heck yeah.. Enjoy the pictures.,590,442,590,442,590,442,590,442,590,442

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    Weather was beyond compare Saturday on Washington for sure. I spend the evening with the departing Lakes croo and hiked out around 10pm...not a breath of wind to be found under clear skies and temps holding in the 50s on the pack thermometer!

    Great pics, great report!

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    Beautiful pics. Nice trip report. I have descended Ammo twice when it was wet, both times racing the T-storms, with one time when it was raining. Its not bad, just watch your footing and take it slow.

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