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Thread: another NJ mountain lion sighting.....

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    Exclamation another NJ mountain lion sighting.....

    There was another from the same area a few weeks ago.

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    There are a few skepticisms with this story...

    First, there are no (a-hem) mountains in NJ. I have hiked the high point and the stairs were the hardest part.

    Second, there are no Mountain Lions in NJ, even at the safari at Six Flags in Jackson. Now if there were baboon sightings in NJ, then I would know where they were coming from... (too bad they fenced them in. It was a hoot when they could jump and urinate all over your vehicle)

    BTW, NJ does have a high population of "cougars" (hot women over 40), but they mostly congregate in the Atlantic City area...

    There have been numerous "big cat" sightings in Mass (the second most populated state per square mile), and all of them were a bust. They did catch a 20 foot 2000 lb Great White off the coast 4 years ago which still freaks me out (especially when I am canoeing off the coast of Rockport)

    If they do end up catching an actual mountain lion, it will likely be from an illegal captivity that escaped...
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    I need one... maybe it can fend off the raccoon that was trying to scale my house the other day (in search of yummy angus burgers I was cooking up, for sure!)..

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