From the 3500 club yahoo group
The snowfall on April 14 through April 17, 2007 has left uprooted trees and
broken-off limbs across the Escarpment Trail in the Windham High Peak Wild
Forest. The damage is south of the Elm Ridge Lean-to and begins in the
Norway Spruce plantations.

The heaviest concentration of downed limbs and trees occurs in the hardwood
forest about halfway between the lean-to and the summit of Windham High
Peak. The trail is blocked by a tangled mass of downed trees and branches
and trail markers are either hidden, or are on downed trees. This situation
makes the trail extremely difficult to follow and may cause increased risk
of injury to hikers or increase the chances of hikers becoming lost.

Because of the potentially dangerous conditions on the Escarpment Trail,
the trail will be closed from the Elm Ridge Lean-to to the trailís junction
with the Black Dome Trail, which is between Burnt Knob and Acra Point.
"Trail Closed" signs will be posted at trailheads serving that section of
the Escarpment Trail.

The Interior Trail Crew will attempt to clear the obstructions and post new
trail markers prior to the Memorial Day Weekend.

Call Senior Forester Frank Parks at the Stamford Office of the Department
of Environmental Conservation for more information about the Escarpment
Trail. He can be reached at (607)652-3698