We drove down Upper Meeker Hollow Road to the end of the pavement and then a little farther. There was a sign at a private residence that said 'deer view'. They told us we could park across from their driveway. We walked from here (about 2100') till we hit the state blazes (about 2300'), and then started up. It was a lot of side hilling and we found one or 2 old roads, but they didn't help much. The section of state land is very narrow, so we followed the 'right' blaze. It turns out there is an old marked trail leading down here, from the Audubon Society. It actually starts 'up' slightly farther down the road on private land, and heads 'down' the blazes.

We followed the blazes almost all the way to the summit. The summit rock was 1' higher than any other place we found while wandering around for a few minutes.

We followed the same path back to car, and the whole hike lasted less than 1h 30m, including the road walk.