After 13 years, the format of the Northeast trail conditions section has finally been upgraded. The custom Perl scripts I wrote back in 1994 have been retired and the trail conditions have been rolled into these forums. I can honestly say that when I wrote the scripts back in 1994 I had no idea that they would still be running in 2007.

Yes people are resistant to change, but merging the trail conditions into these forums provides a "one stop to shop" for your Northeast backcountry info and also greatly reduces the burden of moderation.

The trail conditions are still broken up by state. This forum software doesn't allow pre-formatting of trail, date, conditions, comment, etc. but please follow the old format when posting new trail conditions. An example format is provided as a sticky in each state forum.

The trail condition forums are for posting trail conditions only. They are not for discussions and the ability to reply to a post has been disabled. Longer trip reports should be posted in the Trip Report forum and discussions should still take place in the other appropriate forums.

Enjoy the site. Change is good.

- darren