I broke the Falling Waters Trail to the Franconia Ridge today. There was 1 to 2 feet of new snow along the trail, and it was backbreaking work. Given that I was solo (and exhausted after breaking 3mi of trail with a 3000 foot elevation gain), I turned around near the summit of Little Haystack, especially because the snow looked deep on the ridge and the trail did not appear to be broken out past where I went. Two people followed me up, and they may have continued past where I stopped. It was very calm today, and so I wouldn't expect the snow on the ridge to be scoured yet. There was very deep powder at the top of the Falling Waters Trail. Hopefully some folks will take advantage of my efforts and use the trail this weekend. I wore snowshoes the entire way and used poles the whole time. Carried crampons, but didn't use them.

Ben Krass
Brookline, MA