Trail Conditions: Deep snow broken out by people using various means of winter travel. Snowshoes, skiis, snowboards- this trail saw it all today!

Equipment Required: Full winter gear, but didn't use crampons.

Comments: I wanted to climb Mt. Jim via Asquam Ridge Trail, but 50' into it from Ravine Lodge, I realized it wasn't going to be possible for this solo snowshoer! Instead, I took the well-beaten path to Moosilauke, where I met several people descending. I summitted at 3:30pm and had the top to myself. It took half the time to descend, and I reached the parking lot at 6:30pm. I'm sure it sucked to be the ownwer of the Subaru with NJ plates who left their interior lights on. I waited around for a half hour after checking the doors (which were locked.) Bummer for you to be in such a remote area with no juice.