So you've tuned in to another exciting installment of my hiking adventures. You must be bored. Well, so am I, that's why I'm writing this report.

I've been making lots of trips over toward Manchester and Dorset, VT lately. Today's destination was Mother Myrick Mountain. Most of the fun of this hike is in the name, if you ask me. So, Chip and I head off from the town the Simpson's built (Springfield, VT) toward Manchester. Soon he was saying, "Pull in here. I see the trailhead." As I pull into a parking space I tell him, "No, Mother Myrick Mountain, not Mother Murphy's Donuts!" But he forced me to go inside and get a homemade donut anyway. He got two...the pig! :-)

Anyway, the GMC DHG makes the description for Mother Myrick sound really confusing with all sorts of side trails and logging roads and snowmobile trails, etc. My old edition of the guide book even claims there is a sign pointing the WRONG WAY to the summit. Unfortunately it all turned out to be lies. This hike was really straightforward and followed a tractor trail for a ways before becoming a snowmobile trail to the top. Nice that is was packed out, but the footing sucked with tons of frozen ruts and frozen mud. Ya take the good with the bad, I guess. Great viewpoint down into the Metawee valley from the summit. The trail is weird though, at one point you're actually walking completely AWAY from the mountain on the way up and TOWARD it on the way down. It's kind of like the exit ramp clover leaf of hikes.

Saw some familiar names in the canister. Some strong soul had done West Dorset, Dorset, Spruce, Grass and Mother Myrick all on the same day, but I can't remember who that was. Albee was the last to sign in back at the end of November.

Hiking these these hills in winter is pretty cool. You actually get nice views through the bare trees and you can check out all the wildlife tracks that normally you can't see in the summer.

Well, go back to whatever boring thing you were doing before you made it even worse by reading this. It's past 9pm now, that means it's okay to go to bed.