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Thread: Nanamocomuck recovery hike

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    Nanamocomuck recovery hike

    Well, Snake had been in the hospital for 8 days with a colapsed lung, which he ended up needing surgery to fix. He had to spend Chrismas there, never a joyous thing. But he was ready to get out and try some hiking, so we chose the Nanamocomuck trail, since it is short, relatively flat, and more than likely tracked already because it is so popular.

    So we loaded up the cars with 4 humans and 3 dogs for a snowshoe trek to see how good the surgeon was!

    The Weather Godess, Snake, Steelers man, Edlardo, Scuba, Otter and I were all excited to get out and enjoy some of this wonderful snow. We felt a bit silly in the snowshoes for a while on the trail as it was so packed down, until we got a smidge into the woods, and then there was only 1 or maybe 2 sets of ski tracks to follow, and a VERY large dog made a lot of perfect paw prints...

    We were careful to walk on the side of the trail so as not to ruin the nice tracks, and it was fun to use the snowshoes for their intended purpose.

    This trail seems very well named, since it seems perpetually mucky in spots. It was great fun to watch each of the dogs and how they chose to navigate around or through the wet areas. Edlardo being the dainty one, crying until he was brave enough to hop the foot across. Scuba deciding to swim through anything she could find that was over an inch deep, and little Otter would either jump or get a bit of a toss from me. (Ok, so I carried her over the larger ones, I won't be able to do that for much longer!)

    The trail is very well maintained, easy to follow and a great one to take if you only have a little time on your hands and want to see some beautiful woods, and walk along the river. Even though we were a group of 7 there was a lot of time to think and reflect, since talking, or rather hearing was hard over the rythmic crunching of the snowshoes. It was a nice time to think about the past year, and wonder and daydream about the coming one.

    Snake was a real trooper, and did great, only asking a few times to take a break. He was already asking me about what hikes we could do for him to get some more on 'the list'. I am really proud of this young man.

    All to soon we arrived back at the covered bridge.

    Another beautiful day to be outside, in good company, and be healthy!

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    Congradulations to Snake! Nanamocomuck is wonderful.

    happy trails

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    Sounded wonderful Christine !!!!!

    Love your new signature line too
    Everythings Better Below Freezing

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