19 Mile Brook Trail packed out really well, one crawl under blowdown. Carter Dome Trail was not broken since the last snowfalls. I broke trail all the way to the dome. I was hoping someone would catch up with me and give me some help, but I didn't see anyone until I was coming down. Carter Dome Tr. had about 12" of powder over a firm base. Carter-Moriah Tr. was drifted over anywhere from 2 to 3 ft. The ridge leading up to the summit was soft and deep with lots of spruce traps. Someone had come up from the hut side earlier and had gone over to Mt. Hight and back. Thanks to that person for the upper trail breaking done. Coming down I ran into a barebooter coming up (No snowshoes with him). I don't know he was going to get across the ridge. Even with snowshoes, I was sinking in at least a foot or more. I met 3 snowshoers on the C-Dome Tr. coming up to do Mt. Hight. Carter Dome Trail in real good shape now. Carter-Moriah broken to Dome but not packed. Carter-Moriah over to S. Carter was not broken. Snowshoes and poles are the ticket for this hike. No Crampons needed.