Trail Conditions: Went up Schunemunk via the Dark Hollow Trail and descended via the Sweet Clover Trail. The open field by Shaw Road was clear of snow but once you crossed over the railroad tracks and into the Dark Hollow "ravine", the lack of sunlight allowed for the snow to accumulate up to an inch or two. There were a few icy spots towards the top, where the trail went "above treeline". Over by the Megaliths, traction would have been helpful, as some of the ice and snow covered boulders were slippery and one could easily be injured from the significant fall. The Sweet Clover Trail was mostly clear of snow and it was almost as if we ascended and descended the mountain in different seasons.

Equipment: Nothing fancy but some stabilicers would have been helpful up top.

Comments: It was a cold day but the sky was clear and the views were great. Schunemunk is a nice local hike for those of you in the Hudson Valley region.