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Thread: Dog hiking items NOT for sale

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    Dog hiking items NOT for sale

    Some of you may know that my long time hiking partner Duffy left me for good this summer.

    Duffy was a 60 lbs. Airedale. His replacement is a 20 lbs. Welsh Terrier. Lauky will never fit into most of the things I had for Duffy.

    I always carried dog booties for Duffy in case he ever hurt a paw. I never used them. He never hurt a paw and I always felt he needed his claws for winter hiking so they sat unused in the sack. These booties were perfect for my purposes, I doubt they would stay on well if used in deep snow. Certainly not as well as Muttluks.

    I also had a safety harness that I purchased for use in the car. It was the field harness type with a protective pad for the chest and stomach. I did use it in the car and occasionally on the trail. I just washed it and it looks brand new.

    I also have a dogie back pack which was almost never used. There is also a metal slip collar.

    I would say that these items would work best for dogs in the 50 lbs to 100 lbs range.

    I can't use these items and it's too bad to let them just sit there. If anyone would like them I would be glad to give them away.

    If you are interested PM me and we can see how best to get them to you.
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    Please contact Ed directly via PM as he requested. I'm going to close this up and let the discussions take place off line.


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