sat. 1-26-08

Packed snow below treeline, we snowshoed but many barebooted, used crampons, or stabilicers. On the ridge, was a mix of wind blown snow, ice, and rock. I wore my katoohlas, stabilicers were probably ideal though, could have barebooted if you were careful. Poles, gaiters, the usual blah, blah, blah... Goggles and windproof balaclava was money on the ridge.

Cold (0 maybe?), windy, with poor visibilty on the ridgetop but began to clear as we descended to Greenleaf hut. Great views of the ridge from the OBP. Fun bushwack through gorgeous northern hardwood forest on bottom part of OBP. Lots and lots of people enjoying winter in the whites! Thanks to Stevie M. for another great hike!